5 healthy things I needed this morning!

I’ve been working on making healthy choices since last October (which I’m sure I’ll be talking more about in the future). Internally, I’m doing alright (all those doctor-type tests came out perfect), but I am still medically obese. And buff. Don’t forget the buff.

Is this how you're supposed to flex? I don't even know...
Is this how you’re supposed to flex? I don’t even know…

So I’ve worked out at the local YMCA with a really awesome personal trainer (name withheld so she doesn’t hurt me with more reps of the sumo squat and lateral side leg lift combo) for months. It’s been going great.

I need a healthy pick-me-up, though, when I’m sore and dragging first thing in the morning. Enter the five things I needed to have a great morning:

A Healthy Yogurt with Kiwi, Walnut, Honey, Chia Seeds

My five healthy things:

  1. Homemade Greek-style yogurt
  2. Kiwi fruit
  3. Walnut halves or pieces
  4. Honey (in moderation)
  5. Chia seeds

I don’t have any purported health benefits for you, I just have one great tasting, kick-butt recipe for yumminess.

I’ve been using my new Instant Pot (aff) a lot since I got it for Christmas, easing all my husband’s fears that it’d just sit on the counter. I found this recipe for making yogurt to be super easy and tasty. The powdered milk is definitely a necessity if you don’t want a runny mess. We let it drain a little longer and it comes out the consistency of sour cream (but with a yogurt taste).


Yogurt recipe price breakdown & other ingredients price breakdown below the line ⇓

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